Welcome to a A Pretty Little Life

My name is Nancy and I am starting a blog to share bits and pieces of my pretty little life. I am a mother to a beautiful daughter, a wife to a very handsome husband, a sister, a friends and a colleague in the healthcare field. To be honest right up front, my life really isn’t pretty, quite frankly it is often messy, busy and crazy. But there are those fleeting moments when life is perfect and I want to capture and share those so that others may recognize those times in their lives as well.

As far as what the content will be, well your guess is as good as mine. There will most likely be a hodge podge of things and I hope you enjoy it. If you do, then please share with others. I am true believer in the more the merrier.

So to start things off here is what I am doing right now:

  • Right now I am procrastinating on the unpacking from a trip and the inevitable laundry marathon – hey now’s a great time to finally start that blog I have been thinking about for the last 2 years!
  • Right now I am enjoying some peace from the constant chatter of my little girl – trust me I love the chatter too, but I have learned to love me some silence.
  • Right now I am keeping our cat Novi off the afore mentioned laundry (the clean stuff) why do cats love to lay on your clothes.
  • Right now I am pondering a move in the next year for my husband’s job – do we move to our dream location or do we move closer to family?
  • Right now I am dreaming about new starts – new moves make me excited for the clean slates for homes, new friends, and new adventures.
  • Right now I am fantasizing about a trip to Italy.
  • Right now I am looking forward to an evening of crafting.
  • Right now I am sad and proud that my little girl is graduating Kindergarten next week – I know everyone says it but seriously! Where did the time go.
  • Right now I am planning a summer of travel and fun.
  • Right now I am enjoying a lazy Saturday afternoon.

What are you doing right now?